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Our Story

Women's underwear should be better. Women deserve more from our underwear. In 2019, I set out on a journey to find underwear that absorbed moisture and helped with odor. Bonus points if it was comfortable. There wasn't much out there. I started looking at fabric and found micro modal. This fabric comes from the beech tree, located in Eastern North America. I started wearing this underwear, and noticed how quick drying they were, compared to cotton. I noticed how on a hot day, they absorbed moisture. I noticed odor minimizing. And best of all, I found them to be the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn.

With a background as an RN, and a sugarist since 2006, I know the importance of vaginal hygiene. I know our struggles that nobody openly talks about. Sweat, odor, hormonal changes, and the feeling of being uncomfortable in our own skin, starting with not having the right underwear. Lena Lue's will change that. Cheers to you feeling comfortable with the body you were blessed with. ❤️

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